We’re running a hands-on full-day tutorial on FireSim and Chipyard at MICRO 2019!

We’ll be providing access to AWS EC2 F1 instances to attendees free-of-charge to interactively follow the tutorial! Attendees will be able to customize an industry and silicon-proven RISC-V microprocessor design, run their own high-performance FPGA-accelerated simulations in the cloud, and learn how to push their design to silicon, guided by the FireSim and Chipyard developers.


If you’re registering for MICRO and plan to attend the tutorial, please make sure you select the tutorial on the registration form, so we can provision a sufficient number of EC2 instances for attendees.

Stay tuned!

More information will appear on this page in the near future. Join the the FireSim mailing list and follow the FireSim Twitter account to stay up-to-date as we finalize the tutorial!