We’ve released a new version of FireSim that adds support for Berkeley Out-of-Order Machine (BOOM) designs as a target! BOOM is a superscalar out-of-order RISC-V implementation built at UC Berkeley by Chris Celio, which you can find more about on GitHub. We’ve successfully run SPECint 2017 with reference inputs to completion on Linux running on BOOM in FireSim on FPGAs on Amazon EC2 F1. Network support is also present, i.e. you can SSH into BOOM running on the FPGA and access the internet from within BOOM running on the FPGA.

For example, check out this GIF of a FireSim-simulated BOOM connected to the Internet and posting a tweet! The gif is real-time, not sped-up.

And the aforementioned posted tweet:

To try BOOM in FireSim on EC2 F1 with pre-built FPGA images, you can follow our Getting Started Guide/Tutorials which have been updated with notes about how to use BOOM-based designs.