This year at ICCAD we had two FireSim-related papers: Golden Gate and Centrifuge.

Jenny Huang presented Centrifuge, an end-to-end, HLS-based compiler framework for rapid hardware-software co-design. Using high-level synthesis, Centrifuge quickly generates a space of different RoCC accelerators. These accelerators are then integrated as verilog black-boxes in a Chipyard-based SoC, and simulated directly in FireSim. (Paper, Slides)

Later, Albert Magyar presented Golden Gate (MIDAS II), the lastest version of the FIRRTL compiler used in FireSim (included in the FireSim 1.7.0 release), Unlike MIDAS, Golden Gate can apply area-optimizations automatically, larger designs onto a single FPGA. By optimizing multi-ported memories, Golden Gate can fit 50% more BOOM cores on a single EC2 F1.2xlarge than MIDAS. (Paper, Slides)